How we do it?

7 december 2021

We bring stakeholders together to ponder and wonder about the challenges ahead of us. From blueprint to prototype: together we search for answers. In dynamic and changeable teams, we work on several circular projects. For every project, different stakeholders will be assigned as lead. Sometimes we focus on contemporary research or innovations, sometimes we dive deeper into developing business cases.

We call these projects: the PRICE challenges. These challenges are rooted in trial and error, experiment and improvement, scale-ups and fall-downs. Fundamental to the challenges are the subjects construction and urban environment. In the coming decade, 100.000 extra houses will have to be built to accommodate new Flevolander households. To tackle this issue, we focus on these two subjects.

Every PRICE challenge is unique. We think along, help develop ideas and concepts and connect relevant stakeholders. Some challenges are kick-started by PRICE, but we mostly aim to inspire our network (yes, you!) to bring forward new ideas. For every challenge we determine who is needed to make it a success; be it a governmental institution, an educational institute or a corporate business. We bring these actors together and initiate the discussion on how to match desires and needs to generate the best outcome.

Eventually, we put our challenges into practice in our PRICE: Fieldlab. In this fieldlab we test new innovations and improve our solutions. We allow researchers, businesses of all sizes, startups and students to test their prototypes, experiment with new ideas and learn from previous attempts. It’s where the real magic happens!

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